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Early Life

Born October 13, 1975 in Santa Monica, California, Anderson's father was an entrepreneur. At San Pasqual High in Escondido, California, Anderson was a computer hacker under the pseudonym Lord Flathead who found out the security of Chase Manhattan Bank with an FBI raid following. He was not arrested because of his age of only being a teenagee. Anderson studied English and Rhetoric at the University of California, Berkeley, after tha he took a break from school and he was lead singer in a band called Swank and spent some time in Taiwan, before coming back to the U.S. to study for a degree in Critical Film Studies at the University of California, Los Angeles in 2000.

My Space

In 2003, Anderson, Chris DeWolfe and a few computer programmers established the first pages of MySpace, which was intended to link musicians and bands with their followers, allowing them to share their music online. MySpace rapidly became the rage among teens and 20-somethings and has meanwhile become the best widespread social networking website on the Internet. Anderson now functions as President of the company, while DeWolfe is CEO. All newly produced MySpace accounts include Anderson as a default "friend," and he has later become the public face of MySpace. In July 2005, Rupert Murdoch's News Corporation bought for $580 million. By 2006, MySpace apparently had more than 106 million accounts and 230,000 new registrations per day. Myspace was the most visited social networking site in the world, and in June 2006 surpassed Google as the most visited website in the United States. In April 2008 Myspace was passed by Facebook in the amount of worldwide guests, and was beat by in the number of single U.S. visitors in May 2009. Though Myspace produced $800 million during the 2008 economic year. Since then the number of Myspace users has declined in spite of several redesigns. As of June 2012, Myspace was ranked 161st by total web traffic. Myspace has encountered blame on a range of issues, including online privacy, child safety, and censorship

Personal Life

Since MySpace was sold there has not been alot of information about Tom Anderson, but it is said that he is worth around 60 million dollars


Some news in the last few days about MySpace is how a man is getting 15 years in jail for assaulting a young girl over the interent. With all social networking sitesthis has been a large issue because it is tough to monitor young kids online, and to tell who a person of intrest is or not.

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